Onco-diagnostic and chemotherapy department of Mtskheta Medical Center is intended for all oncologic patients.

Oncological patients will serve chemotherapy cabinet for anti-cancer therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and tartential therapy.

Thanks to developed medicine of XXI c. it is possible to cure oncologic diseases at an early stage, the main thing is the patient to apply to a doctor for a diagnostic studies and take into account the doctor oncologist recommendations.

The tumor can damage all human organs and tissue. Often the disease is taking place in the first and second stage, although there are many other reasons when patients are required to apply oncologist:
1) Sudden bleeding from the nose, genital organs, blood in the urine, fecal masses.
2) Weight loss, without changing the usual life stile.
3) The spread of different types of nevus on the skin, the transformation of the nevus, especially the bleeding or mechanically damaged nevus.
4) The emergence of dense formations on the different surface of the body, especially in the mammary gland, enlarged and dense lymphatic glands.
5) Long headache for unexplained reasons, with or without infringement, hearing or coordination.
6) Sharp deterioration of general condition, lack of absorption.
7) Long discomfort, feeling of pressure in the chest or stomach.

Risk factors when the patient should be able to apply oncologically at least once a year:
– Postoperative treatment of oncological disease.
- Women who do not have a 40-year-old.
– Patients with the following diseases: – intestinal polyppos, mastopathy, fibrodynamics, liver cirrhosis.
– People whose family members had tumors.
– People who have to work in ecologically contaminated environments.
– Sleepers – have a direct connection with smoking and lungs and tumors of various organs.

Prevention of the most common tumors:
– For women to prevent breast cancer should be periodically handled by self-examination. In case of detection of hardened node, it is necessary to make an ultrasound. According to the doctor’s consultation, women over 40 years can carry mammography.
– For women to prevent cervical tumors, women should periodically conduct PAP test (smear analysis).
– Men should periodically analyze (PSA), prostate tumor.
– The danger of large size people is dangerous. If the mold is increased in size, it is necessary to consult oncologist.
– Bone pain, or sudden bronchitis fracture, suspects bone cancer. First of all, it is necessary to take the X-ray, in case of suspicion, with the purpose of the doctor, computer or magneto-resonance tomography.
– To diagnose hepatic tumors, blood analysis is on the oncockmakers.
– Patients with thyroid gland problems should be under constant control of endocrinologist, and may be periodically treated with thyroid gland and blood tests, TSH, FT4 in case of nodes.
It is important to remember that in case of timely detection and proper treatment, cancer is cured!
Mtskheta Medical Center wishes you  a good health!