The pediatric department of Mtskheta Medical Center is designed for children from 0 to 18 years old. The clinic is undergoing treatment for outpatient and stationary patient. Our pediatricians provide the normal physical development of the child.

Mtskheta medical center provides healthcare service for the pediatric patient in  the intensive  care unit, therapeutic department; and day care.

It is possible to monitor the patient’s condition, laboratory-instrumental examination and various medications (inhalations, injections, intravenous transfusions, etc.) during the day  in the day care department.

Together with experienced pediatricians, the pediatrician serves

  • Traumatologist – orthopedics
  • Children’s Oterinolaryngologist
  • Children’s ophthalmologist
  • Surgeon

The Instrumental diagnostic department serves pediatric department, to provide patients with laboratory tests and instrumental surveys if necessary:

  • Digital radiation with low radiation,
  • The ultrasound,
  • Computed tomography

Healthy children have a scheme designed to monitor your baby’s growth:

Planned visit: 1-2 weeks; At the age of 1 month; At the age of 2 months; At the age of 4 months; At the age of 6 months; At the age of 9 months; At the age of 12 months; At the age of 18 months; At the age of 2; At the age of three; At age 4 At 5-6 years