“Mtskheta Medical Center’s” Gynecology department is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment such as, colposcopy, Hysteroscope, cystoscope, laparoscope. It gives an opportunity of highly effective and accurate diagnosis and treatment. The clinic offers a full range of gynecological services. Our patients are served by highly experienced specialists.

Ambulatory Gynecology:
Consultation of gynecologist;
Pap test;
Cytological Investigation;
Hystomorphological research;
Surgical intervention of cervical diseases (polypectomy, excision, conization, cryodestruction).

Surgical gynecology / endoscopic operations:
Diagnostic and surgical hysteroscopy;
Ovarian cyst, hydrosalpinx, pyosalpinx, cystectomy, adnexectomy, tubectomy;
Surgical intervention in case of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome;
Uterine fibroids (During the total and subtotal myomectomy, hysterectomy);
Vaginal hysterectomy;
Oncogynecology (radical hysterectomy; lymphadenectomy of parametrium; paraaortal limpodisection; omentectomy; peritoneumectomy)
Trophoblastic disease (hydatidiform mole; chorionepithelioma)