It’s time for the high quality medical service in Georgia – this is the slogan, which occurred together with the idea to build St. John the Merciful Private Clinic.

Take care of humans’ health and life is the main responsibility, the place where we take care of patients, everything should be ideal! Qualified specialists, modern technology, pleasant environment and high quality service, – these are only general description of St. John the Merciful Private Clinic.

Upon entering the building, comfortable environment and warm hospitality is noticeable, which leads to positive influence and patients become filled with hope.

St. John the Merciful Private Clinic was opened at 29 April 2014. Private Clinic is located at the teritory of the First Clinical Hospital, Tsinandali N 9.

Giorgi Gogishvili – Medical director of St. John the Merciful Private Clinic – “Yes, we really do our best aiming patients’ to get full and qualified medical service in the private clinic. As for medical personal, they have all necessary conditions for effective work. Prior to the opening of the Clinic, all the tiers were involved in the long working process. We’ve discussed thoroughly each detail, aiming not to miss even slight detail, to get the highest quality and to create an ideal service. The following surgical, radiological, ambulatory and functional diagnostic departments function in our clinic. As well as laboratory and blood bank. Surgical interventions are carried out both by laparoscopy method and open manner. General-surgical, plastic surgical, orthopedic, gynecologic, oncology –gynecologic, urologic and angiology operations are implemented. Coronography and stenting procedures are held in the radiology department. CT diagnostics and X-ray studies are carried out by low emanation digital apparatus. General and cardiac ultrasound surveys are also available in the clinic. Ambulatory department is staffed with the specialist in all fields (endocrinology, neurology, therapy, pediatrics, surgery, and cardiology), Treadmill stress test and 12 field 24 hours Holter monitor, expansion of services is planned step by step.”

In St. John the Merciful Private Clinic, surveys are made to the patients by the advanced equipment of the leader company in producing medical technologies “General Electric”. General Electric- includes multi spheres, is presented in the world’s leading clinics and offers us the most leading technology and production. GE Health Cere- is the leader of the world’s market by producing modern medical technology and equipment. Its production includes MRI, X-ray, isotopic gamma-cameras, devices for mammography examinations and ultrasound and radiation medical devices.

Traumatology-orthopedic operations held in the private clinic can be assessed with the highest quality, one of the main factor of which, except the most successful orthopedics team in Georgia, is the cooperation with German Company Implant Cast. Company Implantcast nowadays is one of the leading producer among orthopedic technology producing brands not only in Europe but also in USA.

With the prosthesis made by the company, which has more than 30 years of experience, can be replaced any joints: knee, pelvis-hip, arm, elbow, ankle-feet. Materials from which prosthesis is composed, considering the needs can be different: cobalt-chrome, titanium, ceramics, polyethylene, ant allergic or metal covering. Company also produces modular type or reserve or oncology prosthesis, which have no analogy so far.

Giorgi Gogishvili – Medical director of St. John the Merciful Private Clinic: “our aim was cooperating with leading companies, clinic is fully equiped with advanced technologies, which is very important for exact diagnostics and further treatment to be more effective.”

Clinic’s one more advantage is laboratory, equiped with Johnson&Johnson equipment.

Selection of donors of blood bank is carried out after consultation with therapist and laboratory tests are held. Group serological testing of donors held by the high technological immune- hematological apparatus, testing on transmissible infections is done by the latest devices of Johnson & Johnson. Preparation of blood components are managed to be done in the shortest term, which is one of the necessary factors to keep the quality. Production produced finally is kept in the refrigerator, delivery to the consumer is carried out by the method of cold chain. Quality control service is involved in all stages of producing production, which finally proves that blood fits to GMP quality.

The most attention is paid on quality control in clinic, which includes active monitoring of the processes and ensure compliance with international standards.

Giorgi Gogishvili – Medical director of St. John The Merciful Private Clinic: “one of our priority is infection control, we are actively supervised clinical epidemiological situation. Disinfection-sterilization department is equipped with modern technology, which effectively prevents infection in hospital. Clinic medical tools and equipment are processed using modern and powerful technologies.”