saintsKing of Georgia Mirian and queen Nana lived in the IV century. King Mirian was 7 years old when he came to the throne. At the age of 15, she married queen Nana. King Mirian was very well-educated and loved and appreciated by the people because of the love and devotion of the country.

At this time Georgians were not Christians, the king and the people worshiped different idols. Especially the Armazi idol was respected, the Armazi was a huge copper sculpture mounted on a mountain, a golden shaft shirt with a tangle, and the eyes of the green emerald and red berries, holding a sharp sword in the hand. King Mirian also asked for the Armazi idol at that time and sacrificed instead. The luxurious rituals were to win the heart of the idol.

This was the time when Cappadocian Saint Nino arrived in Mtskheta to convince the nation and the king in the truth of Christian doctrine. The story has been associated with miracles.

The story tells us that once Nana the Queen was seriously ill. No one was able to cure her and everyone was hopeless, the queen was near to die, but St. Nino helped her. Nino suddenly and miraculously for everyone, cured the queen. The king thought of this, perhaps the first time he doubted his belief and thought about the power of Nino’s God. However, the queen’s cure was not enough to leave King Miran away from his faith. The queen did not get rid of Nino from the day of her miracle cure.

King Mirian had to see the miracle with his own eyes to believe. On Saturday eve of July 20, y.323, King Mirian went to Mukhrani area for hunting. He was determined to punish all the Christians, including queen Nana, if they wouldn’t deny the Law of Christ, as he return to Mtskheta. When he reached the mount Thought, suddenly it became darker and darker, he couldn’t see anything. The frightened king fell on the knees and asked his idols for a help. There wasn’t any sign of a light. Finally desperate Mirian remembered Nino’s God. He asked him for the rescue and promised to obey his law, to faith the cross forever and build the chapels. As king Mirian finished his first prayer, a miracle happened, darkness was scattered, and everything around was illuminated.

The shocked King returned to Mtskheta and told his story to everyone.

At this time, the Byzantine Empire was declared a state religion. The king Miran asked the Byzantine emperor Constantine to send Christian priests to Georgia to be baptized in his homeland.

Many people were gathered to baptize in Christ’s Law. Christianity was declared a state religion. After Saint Nino’s death, Mirian built a church in Nino’s dwelling place, where the a wooden cross of Mtskheta stands. The cross stood on the Mount of Thought. King Mirian’s name is connected to the construction of the first church of Svetitskhoveli and the legend about the miraculous pillar.

King Mirian was buried in the courtyard of the Samtavro monastry, according to his will.

Georgian church avow king Miriani and queen Nana as a saints as the first Christian king-queen, whose decision completely changed the country’s future.

Georgia was officially converted to Christianity in y 323.